• Street Poets: The Community Cure for a Violent Culture Jul 29-- For twenty years, Chris Henrikson has been using the power of poetry to reach and transform at-risk youths and students in classrooms and on the streets. What started as a writing workshop in a juvenile detention camp with six kids has grown to a program serving over 600 young people a year. At its core, Street Poets offers kids a ...

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  • Giving To People Who Give Jul 28-- YouTube prankster Big Daws has over 1.7 million subscribers to his channel, BigDawsTV, but in this video, he addresses the issue of homelessness. Watch this social experiment in which Big Daws pretends to be a homeless person in need, and then gives to those that lend him a hand. "I just want to make the world a happier place and ...

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  • When Resting is Resistance Jul 27-- Activists are impatient for the world we want to see. But though we seek to build a world beyond capitalism, we still fall into its traps, like the need for ceaseless productivity. We transpose capitalist definitions of 'success' onto social movements. We're either winning or losing. Within capitalism, if you're not growing and improving, you're failing. Some of us fight ...

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  • Paying Attention, Discovering Joy Jul 26-- When asked whether the poems she wrote helped connect her to the joy they expressed, poet Barbara Crooker had this to say, "I write from personal experience. If you look at the facts of my life, you might not think that there would be much reason for rejoicing. My first child was stillborn and my first marriage fell apart partly ...

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  • Why is the World So Beautiful? Jul 25-- Nobel physicist Frank Wilczek considers whether the deepest realities of the world embody beautiful ideas. He notes, "[[t]here's a very rich history of art objects and music and what people have found beautiful, and literature, and we can compare that to what scientists find in their deep investigation of what the world is, and see not whether those things coincide ...

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  • James George: If Not Now, When? Jul 24-- "International diplomat, author and visionary environmentalist James George is now 98. I met and interviewed him as he was about to get married at the age of 86. Having just received a copy of his most recent book, Last Call, I thought it fitting to revisit this earlier, light-emitting interview. As Jim George says, "You see, Consciousness is permeating human ...

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