• Is There A Right Way To Get Angry? Nov 23-- Anger can cause us a great deal of hurt, but it can also be a positive force that propels us to act and can spur creativity and fuel success. It is all about how we manage our anger in those instances when we feel overwhelmed by it. Read further to learn more about 'the right way' to get angry and ...

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  • Vancouver's Pop-Up Shelters Nov 22-- A Vancouver-based advertising company teamed up with a grassroots advocacy group to extend kindness to the city's homeless population in a beautifully creative way. "During the day, the [bus] benches serve as seating for those waiting for the bus to arrive. At night, the front lifts up and out to create an overhang." Acts of kindness like these stand out ...

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  • Public Art: A Path To Safer, Stronger Neighborhoods Nov 21-- Art that merges with the landscape brings human presence, safety, and physical activity into the city's spaces. This kind of art triggers more than one sense: it is something you move in, touch, and, in some cases, even eat. In Detroit, a spread-out city of single-family homes that is difficult to traverse and pockmarked by vacancy, these artistic interventions are ...

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  • 7 Ideas For Compassionate Communities Nov 20-- Are you looking for inspiring ideas to take action on some of society's broadest and most challenging issues? From addressing homelessness to providing medical care (in exchange for a song), look no further than this list of 7 revolutionary ideas from Yes Magazine. ...

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  • Riders For Health: Motorcycles That Save Lives Nov 19-- Solving community problems requires more than newer and better technology for the poor. It requires something more radical than that--that we rehumanize the poor. People require not only new technologies to solve some of the biggest challenges in rural health and development, they require basic technologies--like transportation for the cadres of health care workers and others. Riders for Health realized ...

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  • The Splendid Practice of Silence Nov 18-- In this beautifully grounding piece, a former monk shares insights from a year of silence and contemplation. "Deep within each of us is a great well of health, abundance, knowledge, guidance. When we enter the silence and stay in the silence, we come into direct contact with that sacred well. In that place dwells our True and Higher Self: It ...

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