• Stunning Images of the Power of Education Jan 25-- World-renowned photojournalist Steve McCurry has been one of the most influential voices in contemporary photography for more than thirty years. In this photo essay, McCurry takes you around the globe and offers up striking images of children and their learning environments, from Tanzania to Sri Lanka and from Mali to Peru. Enjoy these beautiful photos and the accompanying quotes on ...

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  • What The People Of The Amazon Know That You Don't Jan 24-- "Many human afflictions are diseases of the heart, the mind and the spirit. Western medicine can't touch those. I cure them." Deep in the Amazon rainforest, there are a small number of indigenous tribes who maintain a healing tradition that far pre-dates the development of modern medicine. In this powerful TED talk, ethnobiologist Mark Plotkin outlines the many challenges and ...

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  • Knitting Behind Bars Jan 23-- You wouldn't expect to find a knitting class 'behind bars', so to speak. But, for roughly two hours out of every week that's exactly where you'll find some of the male inmates incarcerated at the minimum security prison in Jessup, Maryland. The program is called, Knitting Behind Bars and it is the brainchild of co-founder, Lynn Zwerling. "It teaches you ...

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  • From Sharing Economy To Gift Ecology Jan 22-- Technology advances and a consumer-based world have created a 'sharing economy', where it becomes easy to commoditize things that were typically offered as gifts. Consider the difference between offering your neighbor a lift to the airport, and using Uber to find a stranger who will pay you for a ride. When society focuses all its energy on monetary pursuits, what ...

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  • What Do I Do With IT? Jan 21-- What to do with "It"? There are many "its" in our lives, but no matter what "it" is that we have to face, we always have a choice about how we respond. Through her whimsical art, Deb Koffman reminds us that there's never just one way to deal with the blessings and challenges that greet us along the way. ...

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  • Firsts Are The Antidote To Stuck Jan 20-- Sometimes in life we find ourselves stuck. We live our lives by to-do lists or get caught up in making the 'right' decision and neglect our other interests and passions that help to define who we are. To rediscover happiness and our sense of self, we must be open and willing to change and to take the first step towards ...

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