• Is Artistic Inspiration Contagious? Aug 24-- When you hear the word contagious, most people assume it applies to catching the flu or a cold from someone. But researchers are now finally testing to see if there is some contagious inspiration between reading and writing that would ultimately show "the power of the written word as a vehicle for sharing the peaks of human experience." ...

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  • Living Gandhi's Message In Inner City Oakland Aug 23-- Francisco ("Pancho") Ramos-Stierle's life changed abruptly when he learned that the university where he was pursuing his PhD was working with an outside laboratory to develop next generation nuclear weapons. At that time, he refocused his life on service and activism. He explains, "I began to evolve my definition of success. It wasn't just about me getting to do what ...

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  • How Do You Heal From Sorrow Beyond Compare? Aug 22-- In the beautiful woods of Newtown, Connecticut, a new elementary school is about to open. Pleasing to the eye and soul, this new school replaces the Sandy Hook Elementary School in which, on December 14, 2012, twenty young children and six adults were shot and killed by a lone gunman. Not long after the shootings, the town decided to raze ...

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  • How a Yellow Car Saved Me Aug 21-- When a little yellow car drove into Toni Powells life, she had no idea how much it would alter her ability to handle stress and worry. This funny true story tells of a moment of epiphany in a suburban street and offers a memorable tool that anyone can use to help make their life calmer. ...

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  • 10 Tips for Effective Communication Aug 20-- In this article, Liz Kingsnorth explores the ways we can improve our relationships with others at home, at work and with friends, by improving the way we communicate. Kingsnorth offers ten tips to keep in mind to communicate non-violently when engaging with the world, which include simple actionable steps like listening more than speaking, to more complex ideas exploring ...

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  • When the Boss Flunked Aug 19-- "Bob stood up and read his evaluation out loud. It was not pretty. There were lots of problems and weaknesses that his team had identified. He had basically flunked. As the 100 top leaders sat there, listening to Bob read his report, the place was absolutely quiet." This article shares the riveting story of what happened when the leader of ...

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