• The Real Junk Food Project May 3-- For Adam Smith, the slogan 'Life is a Beach' turned out to be somewhat prophetic. Drawing inspiration from his days on the beaches of Australia, Smith decided to dedicate his life to creating The Real Junk Food Project (or TRJFP for short). And the words 'junk food' isn't meant to describe candy bars and potato chips, but rather for food ...

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  • Kids Making A Mark On The World May 2-- Riley De Graff, a resourceful student from Sun Valley Elementary School in San Rafael, CA, effected positive change for the earth by asking a parent to help her recycle used markers in her school. By creating a petition through Change.org, the school collected over 90,000 signatures and mobilized a used color markers recycling campaign which is now supported by the ...

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  • A Secular Person's Search For Prayer May 1-- After years of trying to manage all of the variables in her life, busy Heather Havrilesky wanted to be in touch with something bigger than her own fluctuating moods and needs, but without a belief system that required her to suspend disbelief. Most of all, she wanted to find a prayer that reminded her to serve other people more. Read ...

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  • The 5 Conditions for the Emergence of Collective Wisdom Apr 29-- There is immense transformative power in the collective if we can learn to skillfully harness the energy that emerges when we gather. In this piece, author and leadership consultant Alan Briskin outlines five conditions for the emergence of collective wisdom. Read on to see which elements you can leverage in your life. ...

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  • What Makes A Teacher Great? Apr 28-- What makes a teacher great? Many of us don't appreciate our mentors and guides as they stand before us. Though, in time, we come to realize the depth and fullness of their lessons. In this loving tribute, the NPR team shares heartwarming stories in tribute to their all time 'greatest' teachers. ...

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