• Legendary Cellist Pablo Casals, at Age 93, on Creative Vitality Jan 20-- "Long before there was Yo-Yo Ma, there was Spanish Catalan cellist and conductor Pablo Casals (December 29, 1876-October 22, 1973), regarded by many as the greatest cellist of all time. The recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom and the U.N. Peace Medal for his unflinching dedication to justice and his lifelong stance against oppression and dictatorship, Casals was as ...

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  • True Colors Jan 19-- "Concetta, a functioning tetrachromat, possesses a rare genetic mutation that illuminates one hundred distinct shades of color for every one perceived by the average person. Human color vision falls along a vibrant spectrum created from an interplay of genetics and environment: anomalous trichromats (the 6 percent of individuals referred to as colorblind) possess two fully functioning color receptors, most commonly ...

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  • The Core of Belonging Jan 18-- "Rev. angel Kyodo williams is an author, activist, Zen priest, and founder of the organization Transformative Change, which centers on the link between inner work, wholeness, and social transformation at scale. She has created an audio series called Belonging: From Fear to Freedom on the Path to True Community. In this episode of Insights at the Edge, Tami Simon speaks ...

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  • Consciousness as the Ground of Being Jan 17-- "I woke in the night and suddenly, to put it very briefly, I experienced myself as love. It felt like an unbelievably strong and powerful love an energy which was both scintillating white and self-knowing -- and it was coming from me. This I found extraordinary, because I didn't know then that such love could emerge from me, or ...

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  • Rachel Callander Sees Superpowers Jan 16-- "My first major experience with the healthcare system and with disability was in 2008, when my daughter Evie was born. She had a very rare chromosome condition,and what I noticed after she was born was that the language I was using about her and the language that the doctors were using was very different. And I liked my language better ...

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  • The Gentle Road Home Jan 15-- "Back before Christmas, I led a weekend retreat in California. At its close, one of the retreatants presented me with The Whole Language: The Power of Extravagant Tenderness. I happen to be an admirer of the book's author, Gregory Boyle. Hes the founder of Homeboy Industries in Los Angeles, "the largest gang-intervention, rehabilitation, and reentry program in the world." Extravagant. ...

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