• Old Growth: The Best Writing About Trees Oct 23-- To celebrate the release of "Old Growth," -- an anthology released by Orion Magazine-- of essays and poems about the lives of trees, Robin Wall Kimmerer held a conversation with Robert Macfarlane and David Haskell. The trio of celebrated nature writers discussed the legacy of trees in deep time, that they each detail in their most recent books, Braiding Sweetgrass, ...

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  • For Love of Nectar: The Dazzling Sunbirds of India Oct 22-- When the sun is out in India, and if one is lucky to have access to a dense patch of native trees in flagrant, fragrant bloom, one is quite likely to see darting sunbirds. Sunbirds are to India what hummingbirds are to the Americas. Small birds with curved beaks that guzzle flower nectar. Dressed in an astounding colour palette that ...

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  • The Art of Engagement Oct 21-- Alice Fox manages a plot of land that provides her with food for her body, materials for her art, and sustenance for her spirit. Sustainability underpins all of her work. She looks closely at everything she finds on this plot of land, engaging with it, finding ways to utilize it or at the very least to appreciate it. By noticing ...

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  • Beauty & Science: A Conversation with Edward Johnson Oct 20-- Dr. Edward Johnson, a distinguished research scientist, died earlier in 2021. His fundamental work in molecular cell biology opened new fields of study, contributed to the work of two Nobel laureates and has been important in the understanding and treatment of a range of diseases and neurologic disorders. On the occasion of a weeks getaway in Jemez Springs, New Mexico, ...

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  • Inhabiting the Ground of Being Oct 19-- "The Realization Process is a way of uncovering an experience of this very subtle consciousness that we actually can experience pervading our whole body. We experience that and we transcend that individuality at the same time. We experience oneness, this ground of being, pervading our own body, and everything around us. So, in other words, our consciousness becomes subtle enough ...

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  • A River Reawakened Oct 18-- "In September 2011, I stood on a river overlook with children from my daughters elementary school, all of us transfixed by a giant jackhammer pounding cement to rubble. Below us, a waterfall raged through the first notch carved in the Lower Elwha Dam, as dust rose in the September sunshine, drifting over Douglas fir and cedar crowns. Trees were the ...

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Prayer for Atheists "Legend has it that the physicist Niels Bohr had a ... 4555 Reads

What Buddhism Taught Me: A Sri Lankan Christian's Reflections "Growing up Christian in predominantly Buddhist Sri Lanka, I learned ... 3777 Reads

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