• Feeding Thousands In Singapore Feb 28-- In this corner of South East Asia, a diverse group of people from different backgrounds in nationalities and professions work together to put food on the table for those who are in need. This 100% volunteer-run organization not only cooks up 3000 appetizing meals daily but also arranges tuition payments for school children and bereavement services regardless of race or ...

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  • A Classroom With Love At The Center Feb 27-- Peggy Sia has some remarkable fifth grade moments. "One morning, as we were discussing the meaning of resilience, a student recalled something his coach said to the team during a practice. The things one chooses to do that others will not do today, will enable one to do the things that others cannot do tomorrow. Such powerful words coming from ...

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  • Ecosophy: Nature's Guide to a Better World Feb 26-- The perfect storm of crises we now face may well prove to be the challenge that drives us into our greatest evolutionary leap. Ecology cannot be made subservient to economy if we want to continue our life on Earth as a healthy, embedded global human society. In this thought-provoking article, evolution biologist Elisabet Sahtouris explores the way of Ecosophy - ...

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  • The Art of Stillness Feb 25-- Giving up what seemed like an exhilarating life and a dream job in the heart of New York City, Pico Iyer made a pivotal decision by moving half way around the world and into the foothills of Kyoto, Japan. Gone was the hustle and bustle of a city that never sleeps, and found was a place that he felt afforded ...

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  • The Deaf & Blind Artist Who Never Gave Up Feb 24-- The story of Emilie Gossiaux, a native of New Orleans who now lives and works in New York City, is nothing short of extraordinary. At the age of 5, Gossiaux began to suffer from an untreatable disorder that caused her to start losing her hearing. Years later, in yet another cruel twist of fate, Gossiaux was in an accident that ...

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  • 5 Essential reads On Empathy Feb 23-- "One of the most enlivening things about exploring empathy has been the amazing response I get from people I talk to...just about everyone instinctively 'gets' the concept, even without any formal enquiry. It seems as though we instinctively feel that empathy is central to healthy, social, human life. Our understanding of empathy is rapidly developing thanks to various thought leaders ...

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