• Life Lessons from Masterchef Nun Jeong Kwan Jul 26-- "Jeong Kwan is a Buddhist nun and renowned cook who brings people home to themselves in her kitchen and garden. Anyone who refers to her garden as my playground and to the plants as her children has a perspective on gardening, cooking and life that resonates deep within me. Kwan resides at the Chunjinam hermitage of the Baekyangsa temple, ...

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  • Free Art -- A Conversation with Dickson Schneider Jul 25-- Seven years had gone by and suddenly I knew it was time to give Dickson a call. It was time to find out what had happened with his free art project. It was a radical step and when I first heard about it, I thought, "If he's still doing it in five years, its going to be seriously interesting." And ...

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  • Telling the Right Story Jul 24-- Bollywood screenwriter Gazal Dhaliwal has lived with deep prejudice and fear in her life that few of us can even imagine. She was born with gender dysphoria. Imagine having to live a facade, to pretend that you are a boy -- when you know with your every fiber that you are a girl. These experiences have given fuel for her ...

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  • Marie Howe: The Power of Words to Save Us Jul 23-- In this edition of On Being, poet Marie Howe shares how poetry allows us to connect with others, through the words we find and the spaces between them. A former Poet Laureate of New York, Howe did not begin writing poetry until she was a young adult, as she transitioned from her career as a teacher. Influenced by her Catholic ...

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  • Gardens & the Art of Delayed Gratification Jul 22-- Alanda Greene grew up having spent time nurturing a deep connection with nature through gardening -- planting seeds and watching them grow. She remarks that even now, "no matter how many times I plant seeds, these small, hard beads of potential, I am thrilled when the signs of growth emerge. It is as if I never really believed ...

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  • Joserra Gonzalez: A Re-Love-Ution Blooms in Spain Jul 21-- "We are at the verge of many changes, and if we stay together in this journey, we can really face this big current which is taking us in a direction we don't know" Joserra's first question was "How can I serve?" He soon found the answers to why humans suffer and how to lessen our own suffering and that of ...

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