• Two Words That Can Change a Life Oct 21-- ""As I walked into the parking lot, I spotted the woman returning her shopping cart, and I remembered something in my purse that could help her in a different but hopefully profound way. It wasn't a handful of cash or a lead on a job for her husband, but maybe -- just maybe -- it would make her life better. ...

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  • Why We Shut People Out, and What to Do Instead Oct 20-- Why do we often see the world as "us" vs. "them"? And though it helps quiet our fears, what should we do about this unhelpful, often-damaging instinct? Harvard Psychiatrist and Zen priest Robert Waldinger, director of the longest study on health and happiness, explains why we are natural wall-builders, but actually less safe when we label people instead of relating ...

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  • A Filmmaker, a Mountain and a Moment of Truth Oct 19-- Andrew Hinton, Emmy award-winning filmmaker, embarked on a vision quest with the intention of becoming a "man of integrity, a bridge between two worlds." He notes, "how our culture lacks deep rituals that mark the transition to manhood, and how easy it is without them to get lost somewhere between boy and man. And of how, maybe twenty years late, ...

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  • Leadership & Authentic Self Esteem Oct 18-- "There was a time when we believed self-esteem to be the royal road to flourishing...However, later studies showed that increases in self-esteem did little for our happiness or performance, but ample for our egos. Professor Roy Baumeister's work with self-esteem showed that we'd been raising a generation of narcissists who went on to wreck havoc in their lives and in ...

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  • Teen Creates App So Bullied Kids Never Have to Eat Alone Oct 17-- It's the stuff of school nightmares: You walk into the lunchroom, and can't find a place to eat. You go from table to table, only to be told you can't sit there. You feel like everyone's looking at you, and your face flushes. This was the lunchroom scene not once but many times for Natalie Hampton in her old school. ...

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  • The Giving Season Oct 16-- "I was recently the recipient of an incredible act of anonymous kindness. It came from out of nowhere, at exactly the right time. The magnitude of the gift moved me to tears, and I was so grateful and profoundly moved by the generosity of my unknown benefactor. But I was also sure there had been a mistake. In ...

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